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Develop Healthy Spiritual Habits

New Year’s Resolutions. Fail.

“I’ll pray for you.” Fail.

“Yes, Lord, I’m gonna . . . .” Fail.

Want to get past making commitments you can’t seem to keep? Want to develop healthy habits of helping people? Take I am Second’s [22] Day Challenge.

Sign up here. You’ll get an email every day for 22 days. It will have one of the I am Second films to watch. As you watch it, think about who you know that needs the encouragement in that film. Then forward it to them.

There’s also a daily challenge to take a Jesus step that is prompted by the film.

The [22] Day Challenge is patient with you, too. If you don’t have time to open the email… it waits. We all have those days when we’re pressed for time, so it gives you a break. If you haven’t gotten to it in 3 days, it sends you a reminder. It waits until you restart it by viewing a film.

People say that it takes 3 weeks to develop a new habit. Take the Challenge. Develop a new habit of thinking about how to bless someone else each day.

Looking for something to get your church all on the same page? Lead a youth group? Host a small group? Have a Second group? Challenge everyone to take the Challenge with you. It’s more fun to do it with friends.

    Here’s what others are saying:

  • “I loved the challenges. I reconciled with a dear old friend that we were not on speaking terms for the past 7 years. It lightened my heart and had a very positive outcome.”
  • “It brought our middle school and high school youth groups together to focus on Him by focusing on others…. and making self be Second! My husband and I have done youth ministry for 20 years and found this top notch and top quality as well as inspiring!”
  • “Challenges led me to be active in my faith.”
  • “The films get you out of your comfort zone and remind me that beyond the smile there might be a hurting person.”

Click here to sign up to take the [22] Day Challenge.

This article originally appeared on the I am Second Insights blog. You can also follow that blog via twitter.