Super Bowl ideas.

With the Super Bowl just around the corner, we’ve got a great opportunity to reach out to our friends and neighbors!  To help connect people to a meaningful community where Jesus will be shared, we have some resources available at I Am Second that could be just what you need.  Get people together to watch the Super Bowl and find out who is interested in spiritual things.  Use our Kickoff Event Planner to plan the party as well as the follow-up after the party.  These free tools are available at www.iamsecond.com/kickoff.

The new “Champions” discussion guide and DVD will be coming out soon!  This is going to be a great tool for sports enthusiasts or FCA groups.  Talk about great athlete’s stories like Sam Bradford, Josh Hamilton, or Tony Dungy and learn about true success.  Go deeper by using the “Film Discussion Guide”- an evangelistic Bible study designed to facilitate discussions about the Gospel and its relevance.  Use “What’s First” to learn how to identify people in your sphere of influence and how to share your own story with them.  Watch a training film to learn more about using these resources at https://www.iamsecond.com/groups.  At I Am Second, we want to equip you to share your faith and bring hope to those around you!

2 thoughts on “Super Bowl ideas.

  1. Chuck Runge at 4:30 pm
    Chuck Runge

    I am going to get permission to open our church and have a Super Bowl fast where we can all gather to celebrate the true champion together

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