Tom Doyle

Tom Doyle fell in love with the Middle East on his first Biblical tour of the Holy Land. In 1995, he became an official tour guide for the state of Israel and developed a passion for ministering to the Israeli people, Arabs and Jews alike. Tom felt called into full-time ministry there in 2001 and joined e3 Partners as the Middle Eastern branch director.

Tom and his wife JoAnn began working in the heart of the Islamic world shortly after the terrorist attacks of September 11. His ministry to pastors in this region has opened many valuable doors for him to build key relationships in places like Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Syria and Palestinian territories of Israel. Tom’s relations with both Arabs and Jews have paved the way for many churches to be planted and cultivated.

Tom is an excellent speaker, with several published books on the topic of relations with Muslims and the Middle East. In his latest book, Breakthrough – The Return of Hope to the Middle East, written with his wife JoAnn, he tells the story of the reconciliation occurring between Jews and Palestinians within the church. He is seeing the walls come down between Jews and Gentiles and people of all backgrounds in the Middle East coming to saving faith in Christ.