Pricilla Nicoara

Priscilla Nicoara was born as an unwanted child in a freedom-less country. Only receiving love from her father, Priscilla couldn’t understand why a God would take him away – her only source of joy – when she was 16 years old. But soon, she met another man who introduced her to a Father who loved her beyond anything she could imagine. It was then Priscilla realized she was wanted.

Priscilla Nicoara was born in Romania during communism, when the government controlled everything – including the way you thought. Her mother did not want a family. Being selfish, she aborted several other children before Priscilla was born. While her mother allowed her to be brought into this world, she took every opportunity to remind Priscilla she was not wanted. Priscilla found happiness in her father, the one person who was loving and caring to her. But when Priscilla was only 16, her father unexpectedly passed away. Not understanding the reasons behind this, Priscilla became angry at God and began living life for herself. It was when she went to college that she met another man who was different than the rest. He didn’t share in the worldly things the others boys did – drinking, smoking and swearing. Though doing so was very dangerous in their communist society, this boy eventually spoke with Priscilla about Jesus, a man she had never heard of, but who he said loved her and even died for her. Confused, Priscilla attended this boy’s underground church to learn more. It was there that Priscilla came to understand that she was not garbage, but a princess in God’s kingdom.

The boy who shared the life saving message of Christ with Priscilla eventually became her husband. Together, they now live in the U.S., and Priscilla works in full-time missions ministry. Priscilla is poised to share her story with women who struggle with self-esteem issues and who are searching for purpose in life.

Born in Romania, Priscilla Nicoara has called the United States home since 1974. Originally beginning her career designing bridges and highways, today Priscilla builds spiritual bridges. In 1992, her church was invited to attend the inaugural mission trip to Romania through e3 Partners. This was a trip which impacted Priscilla beyond what she could imagine, and in 1999, she felt God calling her to full-time missions.

Priscilla’s missions work has taken her across the U.S. as well as to Europe, Central and Latin America, Asia and the Middle East. She has led more than 70 church planting trips and in 2005 began concentrating on church planting medical missions, helping to address physical and spiritual needs.

Priscilla is married to Adrian and has two grown children and one grandson.