Michelle Aguilar

Michelle Aguilar thought her smile could mask the pain that drove her to emotional eating, but she soon realized her true joy came from a more satisfying source. Today, she is able to credit her success to the Lord and inspires audiences with her personal story about forgiveness and renewal.

Michelle Aguilar was born and raised in a Christian home, but when she turned 18, she received a phone call from her mom that turned her world upside down. After years of marriage, her mom told her she was divorcing Michelle’s father. The heartbreak of feeling abandoned by her mom sent Michelle into a depression where food became the source of temporary relief from the pain. Michelle cut off all ties with her mom for six years and put on a smile to hide the hurt that was consuming her. But the food she used to cope began to take its toll on her body. She was cast on season six of the popular NBC show, The Biggest Loser, an opportunity that gave her the strength to begin reconnecting with her mom again. She was not only deemed “The Biggest Loser” of that season, but was able to show a national audience that forgiveness is possible through the love of Christ.

Though the journey was long and trying, Michelle has now forgiven her mom and their relationship has been renewed. She travels the country to proclaim the power of Jesus through her personal testimony and encourage others to seek restoration in their own lives. Michelle’s message about forgiveness is one that could be effective in multiple speaking engagements.

Michelle Aguilar is currently touring with Women of Faith, an organization that encourages women to grow in their faith through a relationship with Jesus. Women of Faith hosts conferences across the nation with speakers to support women in all stages of life. At these conferences Michelle shares her testimony of how she discovered mercy and grace that is only possible through Christ.

Since being part of The Biggest Loser, Michelle has been featured in many magazines and made guest appearances on television shows including Ellen and NBC’s Today where she has been able to share her experience with a secular audience.

Michelle is a spokesperson for the “Drink Well” campaign for milk and is involved in advocacy for the American Heart Association. She lives in Dallas with her husband Micah when she is not on the road with Women of Faith.