Katie & Nathan Parks

Katie and Nathan Parks had just become parents to a baby boy when Nathan was deployed to Korea for the first year of their child’s life. The distance combined with the stress of becoming new parents started to drive them further apart and into the arms of others. Although they became mentally divorced, the two fought their way up from rock bottom, and today share their story of infidelity, healing and love with audiences around the country.

Katie and Nathan Parks met in 1999 when both trained to become combat medics in the Army. They were married the following year when Katie was pregnant with their first child, Cody. Two weeks after his birth, Nathan was deployed to Korea where he stayed for the first year and a half of their son’s life. Upon his return, Katie and Nathan found the tension palpable; Katie found it hard to be a mother and a wife, while Nathan wasn’t used to sharing his wife with their child. Katie began working, and soon found herself in an affair with a co-worker. The affair lasted three months before she felt God call out to her. She had never before felt His presence, but after her encounter with Him, the family began attending church where Katie was saved. She eventually told Nathan of her affair and although they struggled with the weight of her confession, she felt God teaching her of unconditional love and honoring the commitment she had made to her husband.

Katie and Nathan are happily married and cherish their gift of a “new” marriage. Today, they share their story with audiences around the country who are struggling in their relationships, and prove to be a testament to the power of forgiveness.

Nathan and Katie Parks remain not only husband and wife, but also best friends.

Nathan is currently working as a pharmacy technician and is also working towards earning a degree in nursing. Katie works with e3 Partners Ministry as a logistics coordinator, helping plan international missions trips. She has been on short-term trips to Africa and Panama, and recently had the opportunity to take her son Cody on a trip to Panama.

Nathan and Katie live in Texas with their children. They hope to share their story with those who are struggling with their relationships, and wish to be an inspiration to those who are coping with issues of forgiveness.