John Meador

John Meador felt isolated by a hearing disability and struggled with his identity until he realized his Creator doesn’t make mistakes. He now uses this disability to bring glory to Christ as a walking miracle and testament to God’s incomparable power.

John Meador was five years old when he came down with a high fever. This illness unexplainably resulted in him losing 80 percent of his hearing. After extensive testing, John found out that the condition was irreversible. Over time, things grew worse and he was declared legally deaf. John was given hearing aids and faced embarrassing ridicule from his classmates. As a young boy he did not understand why he couldn’t be like everyone else, why God had plagued him with this infliction, and he cried out for healing. But physical healing was not a part of God’s plan for John. Instead of finding his identity in his disability, John slowly began to find his identity in Christ. With a renewed sense of hope, John made it his mission to encourage other people. He worked hard on his speech skills so he could keep up in the classroom and practiced diligently on the athletic field so that he could participate in sports like everyone else. John’s perseverance inspired many as he showed the world that he could do all things through the strength of Christ in him.

John has defeated the odds and is now the pastor of a church in Texas where he boldly shares the Gospel. He has to practice his speaking daily, because he cannot hear himself, but he embraces the challenge as a way to bring God the glory. John’s story is a powerful testimony of having faith in God’s plan and finding identity in Jesus alone.

John Meador is the pastor of First Euless in Texas, where he has been serving since 2006. Before joining First Euless, John was the pastor of several other churches in Texas and Oklahoma.

The son of a Southern Baptist preacher, he was born in Purcell, Okla. John graduated from Oklahoma Baptist University where he played basketball. He and his wife Kim have six children.