Janine Turner

Janine Turner’s big break in Hollywood didn’t come without heartache. Before the critically-acclaimed actress landed her marquee show, she turned to alcohol to cope with the thousands of rejections she experienced in her career. But as she dug herself out of her personal black hole, she realized these experiences only helped her gain perspective on life.

Growing up in Fort Worth, Texas, Janine Turner began her career acting and modeling at the age of three. Attending thousands of auditions, Janine fought to deal with the stress of her “10,000 no’s.” Janine turned to alcohol, sometimes drinking enough to black out; she stopped the destructive behavior when she was 23, only to find herself in another black hole. She remembers coming home one day from an audition sobbing, the emotional pressure of the negative comments from casting directors making her physically ill. After 12 years’ worth of auditions, she felt like she was slipping and that her big break on a truly worthwhile project would never happen. Soon afterward, she earned the part of Maggie O’Connell on Northern Exposure, and it changed her whole life. She eventually received three Golden Globe Best Actress nominations and one Emmy nomination for Best Actress for her work on the show.

Today, Janine looks back on her journey, realizing that she only saw threads of her life. She says that God saw her whole life in perspective, and in turn gave her the strength to persevere through the rejection that had initially plagued her career. Janine’s experiences in Hollywood are naturally appealing to all audiences.

Since ending her lead role as Maggie O’Connell on Northern Exposure, Janine has continued to inspire audiences. In 2008, she wrote Holding Her Head High, which describes the social implications of single mothers and their children from the Roman Empire through the Middle Ages to pioneer days.

She has continued acting, most recently appearing in NBC’s Friday Night Lights as Katie McCoy. In 2011, Janine began work on her own radio show, The Janine Turner Radio Show – What Would Our Founding Fathers Do.

Janine Turner lives in Texas with her daughter Juliette and continues to share her story as well as promote the social issues in which she believes. Together, they spend much time working with Constituting America, a foundation Janine founded, which is helping to spread knowledge about the U.S. Constitution to adults and children.