James Caldemeyer

James Caldemeyer was a 21-year-old newlywed when one decision changed his life. Driving while drunk, James caused an accident that killed a person and resulted in the loss of everything he knew – his job, his family and his wife. Today, he tells his story to audiences around the country of how he found God in his darkest hours.

James Caldemeyer grew up in a loving home where his parents taught him about Christ at an early age; however, as he grew older, he sought excuses for why not to live for God, and quickly became dependent on alcohol. Giving in to his selfish addictions as a way of running from God, James finally hit rock bottom at the age of 21, when he drove drunk, crossed the center line of the highway and hit an oncoming vehicle head on. The driver of the other car did not survive. The consequences of this one mistake resulted in James spending seven years in prison. Still, James affirms that God was with him the whole time, and says that although he was incarcerated, he was a free man on the inside because he had Christ in his life.

James’ time in prison helped him build his relationship with God. He has rebuilt his life, complete with a beautiful wife and family, and is a bass fishing guide on the world famous Lake Fork in Texas. He shares his story of recovery and redemption with others, and has shared his testimony at various church events, outdoor ministries, revivals, youth groups and schools.

James Caldemeyer is an avid fisherman and was introduced to the sport by his father and grandfather, both fishermen, as well. He was first introduced to Lake Fork, Texas, nearly 15 years ago, when his father took him bass fishing there. Today, he is a fishing guide on Lake Fork and also competes in bass fishing tournaments around the nation. He lives with his wife and daughter in Gilmer, Texas, and continues to witness to others whether it is one-on-one at the bow of his boat or in front of an audience of hundreds.