Christine Petric

All her life Christine Petric was judged by the way she looked. So she turned her focus towards sports and thought she had the rest of her life figured out until an injury her freshman year of college kept her on the bench and shattered her Olympic dreams. When she got into a fast-moving relationship to take her mind off not being able to play, she was surprised by how bitter judgment could be. Today, Christine shares her story of finding her true worth in Christ with audiences around the country.

Christine Petric was born in South Korea to a birth mother who gave her up so she could have a better life. She was adopted and grew up in a predominantly white community where being a different race wasn’t exactly the norm. As a child, Christine wanted to feel like everybody else, so she focused her energy on soccer, hoping to play in the Olympics one day. When she got to Rice University, Christine was excited to be on the collegiate field, but one week into pre-season training, she pulled her hamstring. Never having been seriously injured before, Christine struggled with being benched and sought fulfillment elsewhere, until she met a guy who helped distract her from not being on the field. Things moved quickly, and Christine found herself moving too fast emotionally. One day, her boyfriend pulled her aside and told her that they could no longer date because his parents didn’t approve that she wasn’t white. Secretly hating herself for the way she looked, Christine turned her heart towards God.

After the breakup, Christine didn’t feel anger or resentment, but instead she felt thankful for being unique. She shares her story, leaving her mark by spreading God’s love and helping others realize they aren’t defined by their looks.

Christine Petric grew up playing soccer from the age of four through college. In her youth career, she played for the Dallas Texans, and then went on to be the captain of the Rice Women’s Soccer team, during which time she underwent two knee surgeries and suffered a slew of injuries.

She continually supports Iris Ministries, an international nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing the Great Commission around the world.