Cheryl & Jeff Scruggs

Cheryl and Jeff Scruggs were young, ambitious and in love. They had all the things money could buy, but infidelity and distrust led to the end of their marriage. Today, they are happily re-married and share the story of how their reconciliation was facilitated through knowing Jesus and putting Him first.

Cheryl and Jeff Scruggs thought they had it all – the perfect Southern California home, the right jobs, stylish clothes – but in reality, Cheryl found herself empty inside. To fill the void, she worked later hours and began to attract the attention of her male coworkers. It wasn’t long before she found herself in an adulterous affair with a married man. Soon after, she confessed to Jeff that she didn’t love him. One night, Jeff was putting their twin daughters to bed and was blind-sided when he was served with divorce papers by the local sheriff. Cheryl refused his pleas for marriage counseling; however three months after their divorce, she turned to the Gospel, and felt God calling her to put her marriage back together. When she approached Jeff about this, he answered in anger and asked her to never again bring it up. Three years later, Jeff began to open his heart to Cheryl and the two started having weekly family dinners. After seven years of divorce, Cheryl and Jeff were remarried in Beaver Creek, Colo.

Today, Cheryl and Jeff use their own personal experience to counsel other couples on their marriages through Hope Matters Marriage Ministries. Their unique perspective and experience allows them to share their story and counsel audiences nationwide, but especially couples.

Cheryl and Jeff Scruggs are the authors of I Do Again, their story about 30 years of marriage that was once filled with betrayal, infidelity and emotional damage and is now a testament to forgiveness, restoration and trust. I Do Again reveals the hidden secrets that slowly destroyed this marriage and the spiritual awakening that opened the way to healing.

Their story has been featured on NBC’s Today, Focus on the Family’s Tim Tebow commercial, Family Life with Dennis Rainey and Life Today. They also appeared on The Discovery Channel’s feature Unfaithful on April 4, 2010.

Jeff and Cheryl are the founders of Hope Matters Marriage Ministries through which they share God’s heart for marriage and relationships through their professional counseling and speaking. They are intimately familiar with a marriage focused on worldly possessions, the pain and heartbreak of divorce, and the deep-rooted joy of a restored marriage.