Brian Sumner

Brian Sumner enjoyed the fabulous lifestyle of a professional skateboarder, riding for Tony Hawk’s company and becoming trapped in his own success, until he discovered God while serving probation. Today, he is able to effectively share that story with audiences who find his natural British accent a unique and engaging trait.

Growing up in Liverpool, England, Brian Sumner felt like he walked through life alone, filled with anger until skateboarding woke something up inside him. As he turned to the sport for solace, he attracted attention from some of the biggest skateboarding sponsors in the world. Soon, he was living the chaotic life of a professional athlete. At the age of 19, Brian met and fell in love with Tracey. The two jetted off to Las Vegas for a weekend and were married in the first chapel they saw. Not long after, they were expecting their first child, when Brian found it hard to connect to his wife the way they used to. He became filled with the same anger that plagued his youth, and with divorce looming and eventually becoming reality, Brian took his anger to the streets and was soon arrested for street fighting. Sentenced to probation, he did community service at a Christian thrift store, and received “extra credit” for attending church services on Wednesdays. That is where his life began to change and one night Brian began to pray and cry out to God.

Today, as a believer in Jesus, Brian no longer carries around the burden of his anger and travels the world sharing the Gospel and preaching to the lost. Brian’s experiences are naturally interesting to youth and young adult audiences, yet he also resonates with young married couples. He also has a series of messages on anger that can be used in multiple appearances.

Brian Sumner skates for various sponsors including Reliance skateboards, Truth Soul Armor and Airspeed, some of which are founded on the same purpose of reaching the lost. He is also a deacon at The Sanctuary Church where he speaks most Sunday nights, sharing the Gospel.

Brian is part of The Uprising, a weekly reality show with Pastor Jay Haizlip and Pastor Christian Hosoi. In 2009, he produced Foolishness, a skate ministry tool aimed at empowering and building up skate ministries around the world and reaching the hurting. He is re-married to Tracey, and they currently reside in Huntington Beach, Calif., with their three children.