Brian ‘Head’ Welch

s Brian “Head” Welch battled anger and a crippling addiction to crystal meth on the road to fame, he realized that he was quickly reaching a point of no return. He now shares his story of recovering from rock bottom with audiences around the nation who find hope in his testimony.

Growing up in Bakersfield, Calif., Brian “Head” Welch had a normal life despite not getting along with his parents and older brother, so he dove into music as an outlet he could enjoy. He found that his family’s encouragement and pride in his talent brought them closer together so he continued to develop his musical abilities. Brian soon helped to form the Grammy award-winning band Korn, saying that performing was like “fighting back against the bullies and the parents that did you wrong.” The band toured with rock legends including Ozzy Osbourne, Metallica and Kid Rock, but as they continued to celebrate their success, Brian became embroiled in the world of drugs and alcohol. After the birth of his daughter Jennea, he vowed to quit; however, he was unsuccessful at conquering his addiction. When his ex-wife became consumed by the same drugs and abandoned their daughter, Brian soon found himself a single father. As he struggled to balance life as a rock star and role model to his daughter, Brian continued to battle the drugs that threatened to consume him, needing a fix to function each day. Even after going forward to accept Christ at a local church, Brian went home and got high on crystal meth. After returning home that night, Brian cried out to God, asking him to break the hold drugs had on his life.

The next day, Brian threw away all of the drugs and quit Korn, deciding to allow his relationships with God and his daughter to transform him. Today, Brian has re-entered the music world with a new message – one of his salvation and spirituality. His powerful story of giving up fame and fortune for God will appeal to all audiences, but especially young people and music fans.

In 2007, Brian “Head” Welch wrote Save Me From Myself, his autobiography that quickly hit the New York Times Best Seller List (non-fiction). In his memoirs, he talks, for the first time, about his shocking transformation through the power of God and outlines his life during the tumultuous decade of drug and alcohol addiction, which eventually led him to his faith.

His second book was released in 2008 and is a young adult version of his best-selling biography. His 40 day devotional Stronger: 40 Days of Metal and Spirituality came out in 2010.

He released his debut solo album of the same name, Save Me from Myself, in 2008, and it opened at the No. 13 spot on Billboard’s Hard Rock charts. The heavy metal epic is a message of hope and a testimony of his life, as he battled with drug and alcohol addiction, left Korn and found Jesus Christ. That same year he joined the band Whosoevers with Sonny Sandoval of the band P.O.D.; Ryan Ries, son of Pastor Raul Ries of Calvary Chapel Golden Springs; and freestyle motocross aerialist Ronnie Faisst.

Brian continues to speak of his transformation around the world, touring with his band and reaching audiences unique for Christian artists.