So much

So much

“We loved you so much that we were delighted to share with you not only the gospel of God but our lives as well, because you had become so dear to us.” – Paul

Wait a minute. “We loved you so much“… Now there’s a new way of looking at it (for me anyway). I always have this idea in my head that the love I show others comes directly from my love from God. My love from God compels me to share His love with others. I still wouldn’t say that’s wrong… but maybe it’s incomplete. Should it be my love for God and my love for others that brings me to the point of sharing the gospel? And not only the gospel—but my life as well. For Paul to share his life with someone, it meant he was spending time with them in community—living with them, eating with them, and serving with them. How often do we make that next step of truly investing not just a conversation, but authentic and substantial time with a person? We should be taking delight in these things out of our love for our neighbors. But fundamentally, do we love our neighbors? Think about those who we’re called to love. (This would be everyone—friend and foe alike). Do we truly love them? Now, if we love them, shouldn’t we invest in them both through sharing the gospel with them, and then by following up with them through quality time?

The challenge is pretty self evident here, but I’ll lay it out just in case. Examine your relationships. 1) Do you love your neighbors? 2) If you love them, are you showing them genuine love? 3) If you’re showing them genuine love, are you showing them Christ? 4) If you’re showing them Christ, are you continuing to love them by investing in them?

I of course am not suggesting that you beat anyone over the head with a Bible, but I think it’s important that we show an authentic compassion and love for people through actions and quality time so that the faith that we share doesn’t stand alone. Then we, like Paul, can show others our love.

Let me know how it goes!


2 thoughts on “So much

  1. Quinn Fortin at 11:57 pm
    Quinn Fortin

    Here’s a story…A few weeks ago i ran out of gas on the freeway, and as i was walking to the gas station to find a gas can and gas. As i was walking i noticed that no one was stopping to help, more amazing to me is that many of the cars had christian bumper stickers..i was so mad..finally a man stopped to offer a ride to the nearest gas station and even offered to pay for the gas. as we were talking i discovered that he was an athiest. We briefly talked about matters of faith and i was on my way home.

    About 2 weeks ago i was driving down a freeway when i noticed a car swerved to that side of the freeway with a blown out tire , ” oh that sucks” i said as i kept driving, but the Lord began to convict me and remind me of my aforementioned incident. i said ok lord ill turn around and offer to help, to my surprise they owner of the car had never changed a tire on this vehicle and i was there “hero”. I again seized the opportunity to share my faith with the family and to pray with them, but while i was working on the tire i noticed that the young driver had thrown something into my truck, not thinking much of it i shrugged and continued working. later after the family left i got into my car and noticed a note that read ” have an iced coffee on us” with $50 enclosed. I drove home praising the Lord…and sipping on an iced coffee!
    All we need to do is… ask the Lord to allow us to see others through His eyes and to be open and available to the what the Holy Spirit wants us to do

  2. Stacy at 6:23 pm

    I agree with you totally. I certainly do not do that but since reading your post I will begin to look at how I can share the love of Christ with others by sharing my experience my story and my time.
    Thank you

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