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Share Your Second Story

You have a story. People need to hear it.

We want to help you get your story out. Stick to the parameters below and we’ll gather some of your powerful stories to start laying the groundwork for our Share Your Second Story platform. (Don’t worry, your video will be reviewed only by I Am Second staff, initially. If we would like to share your video more publicly, we will contact you before moving forward.)

Remember to keep it short, 2 minutes or less. This isn’t a speech. It’s a brief retelling of something that Jesus has done in your life. Here’s how to figure out what to say in your video:

How to Tell Your Story

The Intro

“There was a time in my life when…”

Start you video with a quick intro like this. It’s kind of like “once upon a time,” but for real life stories. You can modify this line if you want, but keep it to just a few words.


“I was ____ and ____.”

Think of a time when Jesus changed you. It might be when you first started following him. It might be a later story. Pick two words that describe what you were like before he changed you.

“For example, one time…”

Now explain those two words with 3 or 4 sentences. Tell a brief story (remember this all has to fit inside of 2 minutes) that illustrates what you were like before Jesus changed you.

Then Jesus

“Then Jesus showed me ____.”

Think of one word that describes what Jesus did or what you learned about Jesus that ended up changing you.

“He showed me this when…”

Now explain that one word with 3 or 4 sentences. Tell a brief story that illustrates what Jesus did in your life or how you learned about him.


“Now I am ____ and ____.”

Now that Jesus changed you, what is your life like? Give two words that describe your new life.

“Now that Jesus has changed me…”

Now explain those two words with 3 or 4 sentences. Tell a brief story that illustrates what your life is like now that Jesus has changed you.

How about you?

“Do you have a story like this?”

Remember this isn’t a speech. Its meant to spark conversations about Jesus. Finish your story with a question like this. 

Record and Share.

We want to hear your story. And so do many other people in your life. Here’s how to make that happen.

  1. Work through the instructions above to write out and practice telling your story.
  2. Find a quiet spot where you won’t have interruptions or background noise.
  3. Find your best lighting so we can see your face clearly and a neutral background so people won’t be distracted by what’s behind you.
  4. Find a good angle – you want the recording to look like someone is at eye level with you, rather than up at your chin or down at your forehead.
  5. Use the best camera you have. Many smartphones have great cameras now, but you can also use a nicer DSLR or video camera if you have one.
  6. Do a test run (or two) to get the nerves out of the way. Then, just be honest, be yourself, and keep it under 2 minutes!
  7. Upload your video through the form below.

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