WILL YOU TELL US YOUR STORY? Create a video...
I Am Second is a place you can tell us your story in your own words, without artifice and without walls. We are currently seeking video entries of up to 2 minutes in length to share on our website and other platforms.
  • Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png.
    (Size= 800x600)


#1 – Approved

Your video has been received – Your video has been viewed – Your video has been accepted – Your video has been published – Share your video

#2 – Denied

Your video has been received – Your video has been viewed – Your video needs to be re-recorded (Thank you for submitting! Sadly our staff found some errors with your video. Errors could include: low audio, poor quality, incorrect format, etc. Please check our tips for filming and re-submit your story.)

#3 – Requires Edits

Your video has been received – Your video has been viewed – Your video is being edited by our staff – Your video has been published – Share your video

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Tips for Filming

  • Feel free to browse some of the videos on our website. They are great examples of how influencers articulate themselves on camera. However, this is still your story. Be yourself!
  • Practice makes perfect. This is your chance to shine so do a little practice. Say your story out loud a few times before you hit record. It’ll help you keep to time (2 min) and ensure you’re comfortable before filming. Hit record when you’re ready.
  • Your voice is important so be sure to speak up. A good way to think about how you should sound is imagine were standing in front of a group of people. How loud would you need to speak?
  • Always remember to leave enough room so that we can see you when you’re speaking. Don’t angle your camera too high or too low. Keep it straight forward and far enough away so that way we see your entire head and upper body.
  • Use the best camera you have available. Most updated smart phones and video camera already take high definition video. Learn more about HD video.
  • Smart phone v Video Camera. You can submit your video using either a smart phone or a standard video camera. Just be sure that if you use your smart phone turn it sideways to get the full picture. Here’s an example.
  • When your video is ready be sure you can see it and hear it accurately when you play it back. If everything looks and sounds good - congrats! You are ready to upload your media below.
  • We only accept .mov and quicktime files. Your smart phone probably already has one of these formats, but double check if you’re not sure.
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Once your story is submitted to I Am Second our staff will review your entry. Our team will edit stories and titles for length, clarity and ensure they adhere to our editorial guidelines. This can include additional video editing to ensure it meets our broadcast standards. If our team feels we’ve altered your original tone or made other significant changes, we’ll run the final version by you first. We never want to misrepresent your voice or your experiences. If your story is published on our site, it may be republished in full with your byline on a reputable Mighty site such as The Huffington Post or Google.

We are always working to expand the capacity of our site and build space to share more and more stories. Your story is valuable and important. It deserves to be heard. This is true whether or not your story is selected for publication on our site.

When you upload your video or submit your written entry, you give us permission to edit your story and share it on our platforms.

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