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Tony Evans
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Tony Evans

Do you define yourself by the standards of others? It is easy to be put in a category that forces you into a box where the freedom of being yourself is too large to fit. So the question is, do you accept it?

Raised in urban Baltimore, Tony Evans often found himself struggling with the idea that he could only go so far and only do so much because of who people said he was. He could not settle on what people said he had become. So, as he searched for significance he found a new point of reference from which he defined himself. “What others thought and how others felt about me became irrelevant.”  His journey will open a new door, shining a new light on how special and significant you are, despite what others think.

6 thoughts on “Tony Evans

  1. Vincent A Guariglia at 12:19 pm
    Vincent A Guariglia

    This video has a great example that if we all came together to believe in Jesus and God’s word racism would cease to exist because we are all mightier at God’s table. Every mainstream news outlet and things like #blacklivesmatter just exist to separate us further from God’s word. I know not everything would be perfect because the Bible tells a story that isn’t always easy to understand or a beautiful picture but things would be better if we all had common ground.

  2. Darrell L Kelly Sr at 1:35 pm
    Darrell L Kelly Sr

    Thank God for Pastor Tony Evans! He has shown himself, dedicated to his calling and has also shown himself the “Priest of his Home” through his family… His wife and kids show the “True Blessings of Lord” when the Spirit of God works through a “True Man of God!”

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