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Ryan Ries
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Ryan Ries

All Ryan could remember was waking up the next morning to his friends saying, “Dude, we thought you were dead last night.” The drugs, the parties, the girls and sleepless nights followed Ryan from high school into his skateboarding career. But, from that one night his life began to change.

He started a search for God.  Was going to church going to be enough? What about his secret addiction? Would it mean giving up his old lifestyle?

2 thoughts on “Ryan Ries

  1. Jeremy Jordan at 7:04 pm
    Jeremy Jordan

    I see Jesus when I see you Ryan. And when you share/talk it becomes even and fair to share tha spirit !

  2. Rick at 7:34 pm

    Hi Brother, my name is Rick Martinez. I used to go to your dad’s church when it was in West Covina 1981 through 1984, I was at my worst at that time. Loved the church, I remember on Friday nights your uncle Mark was teaching during those times, awesome teacher like your dad. Just heard your testimony. Freedom in Christ what or who can out beat the Lord’s plan in are life, Right! I met my wife at Calvary chapel west Covina 36 years ago. My son lives out there in Pomona going to school at Mt sac, he spent 5 years in the military, he came back angry, since then maybe two years ago he got saved, but I know he’s struggling with his walk with the Lord. God bless, take care young brother

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