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Moriah Peters
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Moriah Peters

Beauty, charisma, and a voice to make you weep – Moriah Peters had it all. After months of tryouts and callbacks, she finally won her place in front of the American Idol judges. While impressed with her talent, they wanted more than a pretty face and a great voice. They wanted sexy and edgy. They couldn’t see how a young girl who leads a Bible study and vows to wait for marriage to kiss, could possibly be the next cultural icon. The inspiring story of rising young artist, Moriah Peters, challenges the status quo of true beauty, sex and relationships and the identity of America’s youth.

3 thoughts on “Moriah Peters

  1. H. Edward Smith at 11:22 am
    H. Edward Smith

    Mariah Peters must have been raised in a loving home where Christ reigned. Her commitment and steadfastness to God is paying dividends that one day Christ will say,”well done my good and faithful servant”. She is as real, as real can get. Your films are very moving and make me want to be more like Christ every minute of every hour. Thank you for all you do and for giving god all the glory. Ed-

  2. Evan Benge at 6:16 am
    Evan Benge

    I love to listen to Moriah Peters. I listen to her daily. She is so hot and has a beautiful voice. Is Moriah single? If so, can I be with her, sing with her, and maybe love and date her? I always wanted to date a famous female singer like her.

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