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Michael Ketterer
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Michael Ketterer

Almost three months ago, Michael Ketterer stood on the stage in front of a panel of judges auditioning for America’s Got Talent. Michael’s wife Ivey, his daughter and his five sons stood in the wings as Michael sang a raw, soulful version of the Bee Gees’ To Love Somebody, but if you had described the scene to him years earlier, he never would’ve believed it.

“I definitely didn’t feel like we were qualified to have a child, especially me…As a matter of fact, when we found out [my wife was] pregnant, we both cried.”

Growing up without a consistent fatherly presence in his life, Michael didn’t have a clear vision for himself as a parent. After life-threatening complications during the birth of their daughter, Michael and Ivey made the decision not to have any more children, but they were introduced to the option of adopting through foster care by family friends. The idea made its way into their heads and hearts and dreams. Before they knew it, they had adopted five sons, each from a difficult background of abuse and neglect, and they were standing on the America’s Got Talent stage as a family of eight, listening to Michael sing his heart out just for them.

“It was just extremely special to get to perform a song to my children in front of the world, and I got to tell them how much I love them.”

Michael’s journey of fatherhood has taken him through more work, pain and challenge than he ever thought possible, but it’s also shown him more than he ever could’ve imagined about the love and care of God as a father in his own life.

“I’m not alone in this. My Father who’s been behind me, who has pushed me through so many struggles, He’s with me in this moment and we can do this together.”


24 thoughts on “Michael Ketterer

  1. Mike Driggers at 1:32 pm
    Mike Driggers

    Praying and voting for you. My son and his wife, (Rob and Savanah) are so much like you two. They are only 25 years old, married 2 years, both nurses and both are singers and Rob plays the drums. But, most of all they have such big hearts and so much unselfish love for others. They have been doing mission trips around the world since they were 14 years old and have always come home with precious stories of children they encountered and wanted to bring home with them. I could and hope to share some of the special moments they have been blessed to be a part of. Savanah shared this on Facebook today and her words were, “These guys are the real deal.” God Bless you

  2. mary canada at 11:46 pm
    mary canada

    God bless you for what you have done! It’s like the song he knows my name every step that I take every move that I make he knows my name! Praying for you all ! Hope you win you are already so blessed!

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