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Jason Propaganda Petty
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Jason Propaganda Petty

Underground rap artist, Jason “Propaganda” Petty, grew up a fish out of water. Born black in a mexican neighborhood. A poet and artist in the midst an alpha male urban environment. When his family went suburban, it got no better. Now he was the poor black kid in the all white neighborhood.

So who was Jason “Propaganda” Petty? What was his purpose in life, his identity? How would he find himself? Was he an artist or a thug? Rich or poor? Black, caucasian, or Mexican? Watch his film and discover the surprising answers he found to life’s most challenging questions.

4 thoughts on “Jason Propaganda Petty

  1. Jeanine LeBlanc at 7:47 pm
    Jeanine LeBlanc

    I stayed long enough
    to feel the scalpel
    as you separated the epi-d
    and I saw your heart
    muscle-rough; same like me
    As you told what you think I be.
    I stayed long enough
    for you to tear apart
    the tattered threads that held my gran’mum dear.
    Her book on the shelf?
    Her song to my heart!
    lavender-must her incense raised!
    evaporated-milk-in-a-can, pre-latte
    bologna on white our awkward commune.
    Her prayers for the door-to-door
    who sold a keyboard
    danced over by her bony fingers
    tears and joy for the Savior I took too long to know.
    I stayed long enough
    for the insult wretched
    upon my uncle whose side-by-side mercy
    collected by a broken boy, fragments of manhood through his tortured adolescence and tender remnants of love
    but after the thieves violate
    he’s a broken, wrecked adult
    yet the secrete mercy repairs and lends to create the good man he becomes.
    I stayed long enough
    for the neighbor-hate you impute
    upon the jumper cable hero
    pos on pos; neg on neg
    to enliven my car my hope my heart
    with a smile and hug as he departs.
    I stayed long enough
    to breathe on my own
    without the arsenic of who you say we are.

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