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Duche Bradley
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Duche Bradley

Duche Bradley grew up without his biological father. Anger and loneliness filled the void. As he grew older, these emotions carried him from despondent child to street thug. Machine guns and shotguns, Saran wrapped crack cocaine, and bruised knuckles set the background for his life.

He consoled himself by swearing that though his father left him, he would never leave his son. Never. But as street pedaling drugs turned into a drug enterprise, his lifestyle caught up. A simple traffic stop turned into a gun to his head and a hog tie on the interstate and suddenly Duche Bradley was faced with decades in prison and a lifetime away from his son Bradley. His promise to his son would be broken.

3 thoughts on “Duche Bradley

  1. Jennifer Clark at 9:12 pm
    Jennifer Clark

    We had the privilege of hearing you today at the Biker Bash in Decatur, Texas. Thank you for sharing your heart and for the encouraging words you said today. May God bless you and continue to use you for His glory!!!

  2. Maria K. Mellace at 8:45 am
    Maria K. Mellace

    Dear Duche: Just saw you on Joni: Table Talk; your story stopped me in my tracks!! Your honesty and no nonsense, articulate, matter- of-fact way of telling it is mind blowing and humbling. My story is different, but, the common denominator is that I, too, couldn’t trust any man until I allowed Jesus to come in through the door of my heart. I want to thank you for your courage, humility, vulnerability, and transparency in sharing your story with others. It has motivated me to dig deeper with my own relationship with God and to remember to be thankful for all He’s done; (which is everything!). I’ve been walking with the Lord for 24 years and still becoming who I am meant to be, so are you my dear brother in Christ. Keep on keeping on until that day when we hear Him say, “Well done, my good and faithful servant.” May God continue to bless you, your son, your family, your ministry, and may you grow in wisdom and revelation about what you are to do, where you are to go, and what you are to say.

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