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Doug Bender – Second Edition

You won’t find Doug Bender on the covers of celebrity magazines or the New York Times celebrity author list, but his voice resonates around the world. First, he’s the author of all three I Am Second books – I Am Second, Live Second and I Choose Peace. As the chief writer the last nine years for I Am Second he also contributes to the weekly blog posts, daily challenges and discussion guides that inspire people to live Second while navigating the challenges of real life.
And his own story has been captured in a White Chair film where he shares how as a lonely child he found a friend in God.
In this Second Edition film, Doug goes deeper into his personal story, revealing his discoveries about loneliness and anxiety, and how he came to fully trust God despite some very dark and empty times. This Second Edition film covers Doug’s journey through a learning disability called face-blindness, the heartbreak of miscarriages, and recovering from the loss of a child.

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