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Clayton Kershaw
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Clayton Kershaw

He’s the youngest to win a Cy Young Award since 1985. He’s been compared to Sandy Koufax, the great Los Angeles Dodgers Hall of Famer.  He had the most strikeouts, the best Earned Run Average, and won the most games of any pitcher in the league. On the mound he is the epitome of discipline, accuracy and control.

Yet Clayton’s journey to success in baseball has included many personal moments way out of his control. Family issues, finances, sports teams, and more. All beyond his control. Still, this young man has already learned valuable lessons on how to manage a high stress environment. Here he shares wisdom beyond his years and a passion for the needs of others that only God can impart.

2 thoughts on “Clayton Kershaw

  1. Chaplain Randy Martin at 11:05 am
    Chaplain Randy Martin

    I have been a Dodgers fan before you were even born. Do you know what I like most about you? It’s not your as Vin Scully put it Public Enemy #1 curve ball. It’s not your mvp or Cy Young award. It’s not all of your strikeouts. It’s your Love for God!! You don’t just send a check over to support Hopes house. You and Ellen actually go over there! I love your heart and the faith that you have in God! Because after all is said and done, after all of the screaming and cheering fans have gone home all any of us really have when we put our heads on our pillows at night is our Faith! Remember to ALWAYS put on the Full Armor of God EVERY DAY ! I wish you the Best of Luck against Boston in the World Series! I have faith that you guys will win it all in game 7! Good luck my friend! Lord bless !

  2. Mary Cathryn Murray at 3:44 pm
    Mary Cathryn Murray

    I have watched you pitching for several years and loved seeing your commitment and excellence. I’ve also wondered about your relationship with God. When you put your hands up during your windup, it looks as if you’re offering the pitch to God. I loved what you said about being second and having to let God be in charge. In my experience, the more important something is to me, the more I need to give it to God.
    What a wonderful way to live! Oh, and I heard that a couple of days ago you comforted Max Muncy for making two errors that gave runs and helped you lose. That’s what a man of God would do. Thanks for being an example!!!

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