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Brian Head Welch
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Brian Head Welch

When Brian “Head” Welch first met his KoRn bandmates as a teenager, he couldn’t have known that within a few years they would become one of the most successful metal rock bands in the world.

“I developed an ear [for music] early on, and met the guys who would later become my bandmates in Korn.  We recorded a record, hit the road and started gaining fans right away.  It was nuts.”

The band’s success was beyond anything Brian expected, but hand in hand with fame and achievement, he also found addiction and self-destructive patterns that threatened the most important thing in his life – his relationship with his daughter.

“I ended up going to church…and I received Christ in my heart that day, and that’s when I [shot my first film with I Am Second].”

When Brian first filmed with I Am Second, he described the moment when, at his lowest, he asked for God’s help and felt a profound and overwhelming love pour into his life.  But, what happens then?  What happens after a life-changing moment where real hope and freedom feel possible for the first time in a long while?

“The crazy thing is, when I shot the I Am Second movie, my life was really complicated…Everything I tried to do was failing – career wise, music wise…”

Change is difficult. It’s a process that can be messy and complicated and painful. In this Second Edition, years after Brian’s first film, his story is still a story of the hope he found in that moment with God where he felt his life begin to change, but it’s also about all the moments after – moments of loss, pain, uncertainty, trust and ultimately, restoration.

22 thoughts on “Brian Head Welch

  1. Kat Lanford at 11:37 am
    Kat Lanford

    THIS IS AMAZING! Its like this secret you get let in on and brings you back (me-back to my roots) I happened to catch a short commercial that had a series of cartoon short stories to show you can love in any situation that is happening, and then the end of it was the I AM SECOND and I came to the website. What a powerful thing everyone involved is doing! Thank You! I am going to start sharing this as a tool to be a witness.

  2. Kevin Butler at 9:48 am
    Kevin Butler

    Amazing! I saw a TV commercial about “God’s love” and an interstate battery icon. I was shocked. I can’t remember when I saw anything positive about god on TV if I wasn’t specifically looking for it. I’m very grateful you’re doing this. Thank you. I would like to be involved. My non profit charity is http://www.becomeateer.com Thanks.

  3. Carolyn Griswold at 12:29 pm
    Carolyn Griswold

    I gave my heart to God in 1974. I’ve walked many hard miles in this life, God never said it would be easy, there would be no hurt, no suffering, but HE promised to walk us through every step of the way. I was 23, now I’m 68, I have never regretted my decision. I haven’t always been faithful to God, but He has always been faithful to me. I love this video, it speaks to the heart, the soul, we don’t know the path we’re on, but God will never leave us to walk it alone. Thank you for your testimony!!!!!!!

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