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Ben King
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Ben King

Professional cyclist and Tour de France rider, Ben King, beat his body into submission. Four-a-day trainings, top level races, and a diet mastered to the cellular level. But, there was a price to pay for winning multiple national championships and gaining a prestigious spot on the Dimension Data professional cycling team. For Ben, the price was his emotional and spiritual health. He found himself spitting blood into the sink, the byproduct of an eating disorder that’d spun out of control. Obsessed with climbing the ranks in the cycling world, he sacrificed all to master his body. Control was all he wanted, but it was the one thing he’d lost.

3 thoughts on “Ben King

  1. Edward at 3:40 am

    Love his realization that you cannot control everything. We become unhappy and exhausted with our lives on that simple yet influential set of mind. All along… we can truly see that God is the only way to gain control on our lives.

  2. Elizabeth Cravens at 12:36 pm
    Elizabeth Cravens

    This is the harsh reality of many around us, and many of them, like Ben, do not want help. They have put themselves in such a deep, dark hole that they thought would be wonderful and now they can’t dig their way out. It’s up to others around them to do something. To love them so much that they are willing to be yelled at and who knows what else for sticking up for their friend or family member. I know because I have been there. Anorexia nervosa surrounds my life each and every day, but with help from others I have learned to cope with it for the most part. Eating is a serious thing, and many don’t understand the mindset of control that comes with eating for some. It’s obsessive and takes your life if you are not careful. A friend in God and a friend or family member that believes as you do could be the best thing that happened to you if you struggle with eating. Your mind doesn’t want you to get help, but your body does. Don’t let it take you!

  3. Dawn at 7:50 pm

    Thank you for sharing your story! God healed me from bulimia too. So nice to hear that God is faithful if we will be too!

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