“Brian’s testimony was really a huge inspiration for me to stop partying and using drugs! It’s now been 9 months with no drugs or alcohol! God is good” -Michael Sposato

“I, for one, have witnessed the testimony of Lecrae bring a handful of incarcerated juveniles to accept the love of God and his grace, his forgiveness and acceptance regardless of what their past said of their future!” -Julie Hunt

“I found it through a link. I found a church close to me and went the following Sunday. Imagine my surprise when the pastor got up to speak and I realized he was the person in [the] IA2 commercial! That was three and a half years ago…I was baptized January 3, 2010. I now run a children’s ministry for homeless and impoverished children. Our God is an Awesome and Merciful God! I cannot tell you how important this movement is…there are hundreds, maybe thousands of NaKinas out there that desperately need someone to reach out to them and bring them the Hope that is Christ Our Savior. IA2 does that even when they are too depressed, or drugged out or beat up or whatever, to leave their home.” -Nakina Talbert

Since the movement began five years ago, people have asked how they can get involved in spreading the life changing stories found in the I am Second films. Many, like Nakina and Michael, were those who had personally experienced the life altering truth the films presented. Others, like Julie, had seen friends, family, or coworkers whose live were totally changed forever and wanted to get involved in making that happen around the world. The new initiative Seconds Change empowers you to spread the stories of changed lives like never more.

As I am Second approaches 28 million film views in nearly every country on the planet, I am Second has opened up a new opportunity for people to get involved. It’s called Seconds Change. For a mere $2 a week, you can sign up and help fund the next I am Second film. Maybe it’s the film of Brazilian soccer star Kaka (to be released in 2014) that you get to fund, or the NY Times bestselling author whose fanbase even includes presidents, that you get to help bring to the world this September. Whatever the story, whoever the personality, Seconds Change lets you be a part of telling the life giving story around the world. Put your loose change to work and see how a couple bucks can change the world. To sign up or learn more go to www.iamsecond.com/secondschange.

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