Robertson Film Makes for Biggest Month Ever

Thanks for making November the biggest month ever! With more than 2.5 million views in just a few short weeks, the Robertson film made for the biggest month ever for I am Second and YOU made it all possible. Our biggest thanks goes to all those who shared the film and hosted one of the 9,651 watch parties in homes, offices, and churches across the nation, beards and all. Here were some of our favorite pics you sent in:

“4 Generations of Duck Dynasty fans and fans of I am Second, only one of us just didn’t need a beard on a stick though!” -Maggie Beasley


“Been showing the film at different homes, just so excited to share it with people! Laughs, tears, hope…its all good.” -Julie Kieschnick



“Beards aren’t just for the guys…” -Stacy Steele


“Beards-a-plenty” -Billy Butler


Plus, check out the coverage of this new film by CNN and Good Morning America:

CNN Headline News features the Robertsons and I am Second:

Good Morning America talks the Robertsons and their road to recovery:

Fox News feature:

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