Pro athlete’s awesome comments about being second

Let’s say you’re an NBA basketball player. Dream with me for a little bit.

You’ve been practicing every day for hours, getting ready for the next big, promising season. You’ve set high goals for yourself, and you’re confident you’re going to crush all of them. It’s your time to prove that all the blood, sweat, and tears you left on the court were worth it.

The first game of preseason is against Orlando Magic. Just as you catch a pass, you turn to drive the lane. Your shoulder hits another player, your feet come out from beneath you and your other shoulder slams against the ground. Injured. Season over.

How would you feel?


That’s the story of Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, forward for the Charlotte Hornets. He had worked so hard just to have all of it taken away from him in the first game of preseason. He was upset, but he quickly gained some perspective.

“I am second to God. When I was going through things, I felt he would lead the way for me. I always follow his lead,” said Kidd-Gilchrist. “‘I am second’ can mean a lot of things. To God, first and then I was second pick in the [2012] NBA Draft. I’m always chasing. I want to be the best I can be. I’m never going to be number one in my case,” he added.

As a reminder he wears a small, black bracelet with white lettering on his wrist: “I AM SECOND.”

Initially, he was supposed to be out most of the regular season with the injury that requires shoulder surgery. But he’s battled back and has already been cleared for contact.


Some of our most inspiring stories of athletes choosing to live second come to us simply by reading stories like this in the news.

We don’t ask them to wear the bracelet. Most of them we’ve never even talked to. However, because the message of I Am Second resonates with so many, stretching across culture, age, and interests, the signature bracelet has popped up everywhere in the last seven years. And it’s a reminder to moms, students, and even pro athletes, like Michael, to live second.

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