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I got a message from a guy today, “Just checking if this is the Shannon from the I am Second video? If so, I wanted to thank you for your testimony. I have a friend who is recovering from a similar situation. I am going to send her the link to your video.”

Here’s the thing: you have friends who are struggling. Think about it for a few minutes and you can probably think of one if not more. Now, can you think of a video that might encourage them? Send them a link to that particular video, and then go get coffee with them. “Hey, I saw this video and I thought you might enjoy watching it.” Wait a day. “Hey! Do you want to go grab coffee? Oh and by the way, did you check out that video I sent you?” Then ask him what he thought about it over cappuccino. You could so easily minister to someone who is having a hard time.

For all of your other friends who may not exactly be struggling right this second, invite them to the fan page. Who knows how they may be affected spiritually!

Up to this point, the sole I am Second communication on Facebook has been through our Group. Amazingly, there are 30,000 members. However, most people don’t take time to visit group pages on a regular basis. So three days ago, a Fan Page went up. Personally, I am really excited about this new form of communication, because it makes it easier to encourage, inspire , and inform people. I love it. After three days, there are already 2,500 fans and lots of discussion on the page. Who knew this type of page would be such a catalyst?

One thing I’ve seen that I found particularly exciting was a post from a guy named Mitchell. I had asked how people found the site and this is what he said:

“I saw where one of my FB friends had become a fan and so I checked it out. Of course I was hooked as soon as I saw it, became a fan and shared it with my Facebook friends.”

I’m encouraged by both of these messages because as each of these guys found a story inspiring, they immediately shared it. Have you done the same? Sending page suggestions is pretty painless and could have some great rewards. So tell some friends. Get some coffee with them. Join the fan page. Share it with your friends. And I’m looking forward to hearing some success stories from you J


3 thoughts on “Passing it along…

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  2. Mark at 8:40 pm

    A man I was very close to for years in AA called me to tell me he was going through something difficult. We talked for a while, and then I sent him to the site. The next day he told me he watched two testimonies that spoke to his heart, and asked If I might take him to church.
    We went to worship last Sunday night, and he asked if I could also bring him to the “Overcomers” group that I attend…IA2 has been the vehicle for two people I know in the last two months who have embraced Christ…

  3. Mark at 12:10 pm

    I just watched the two new videos at the web site…Once again , I was moved to tears. The Love of our Savior is too much for me to comprehend…My marriage has been given new life, my family is blessed beyond belief….Where I once thought God had abandoned me, I see his Loving plan for my happiness….

    Please…go watch the new testimonies…send the links to your friends….Praise God
    It is Good to be Second…God Bless

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