A Generational Leader – Millennials and Beyond

When you think of emerging leaders for the next generation, who immediately comes to your mind? The question definitely causes you to stop and think, and I’m sure you weren’t rattling off a long list of names. The unfortunate fact of the matter is that the next generation of youth and young adults are starving for a leader they can relate to, and they often find popular figures from the world of pop culture to draw their inspiration from. There is one, however, that has inspired people from all walks of life to not only live out the Gospel unashamedly, but has demonstrated how it can be done within the context of modern culture.

Lecrae Moore, or better known as Lecrae, has emerged as an upcoming figure within pop culture. The phenomenon of Lecrae and Reach Records has been well documented over the last 10 years and the Reach movement and message continue to spread like wildfire. If you haven’t heard of Lecrae, just ask any kid in your church youth group about him and they’ll tell you. His story has impacted millions of people across the world and is now spilling over into the mainstream media with his recent success topping the Billboard charts and winning a Grammy for his last album, Gravity.

I am Second has had the opportunity to walk with Lecrae during the last few years of his uprising. His I am Second film is the second most watched film on iamsecond.com and we have partnered with him on several occassions since the launch of the film. Our most recent partnership will be on the Unashamed V Tour in Dallas on Saturday, Novemeber 23rd at College Park Center. If you haven’t been to a Lecrae concert you are definitely missing out. The atmosphere is electric and it’s a great show to take any young adult or youth group.

Whether you’re a fan of hip-hop or not, you have to stop for a minute, smile and say, “Go God!” He is always surprising us and using his children and their gifts in ways that we would never expect or imagine. If you haven’t experienced Lecrae live in concert you are truly missing out on a great opportunity to be a part of something that is truly God breathed! I am Second and Lecrae share the same passion, to reach people with the message of Jesus. We hope to continue that mission on Saturday, November 23rd. Will you join us?

For information on Lecrae watch his story on I am Second Lecrae film button:www.iamsecond.com/lecrae

For information on the upcoming show go to: www.iamsecond.com/unashamed-2013

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