Making it easy

Making it easy

So often, when I think of telling people about Christ, I think about that guy who wants to whack someone over the head with a Bible. Or that guy with the “You’re going to HELL” sign. Or there’s the other side of the spectrum of the people who love Jesus so much that everyone wants a taste. But, what if I’m in the middle? I don’t always beam the light of Christ, but I still want people to know who He is. I don’t want to yell at anyone(because you shouldn’t 😉 ), but I want them to know what knowing Him is about. I don’t know how to start a spiritual conversation, but I know that I want to have one. I don’t know where to begin! So do what my friend did:

“I had the immeasurable honor to share the love of Jesus with a lost soul through links to your media on your site. The gospel is presented so clearly there, and the love of Jesus shines through on those people’s faces.”

And then ask your friend who saw the site what they thought—you’d be amazed at how quickly it turns into a great conversation.

I challenge you to share it with one person, and have one follow up conversation this week. Let me know how it goes. sharemystory@iamsecond.com


2 thoughts on “Making it easy

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  2. Keith at 12:42 pm

    Here is a great way to open up a conversation about eternity…
    “If you died today, if you breathed your last breath and your heart beat it’s last beat…where would you spend eternity? Where would your soul go?”

    …you should be careful not to minimize or avoid altogether the very important hell and sin part of the Gospel conversation. Jesus certainly didn’t, neither did the first generation church of the Book of Acts.

    It’s very important to explain to someone why they are separated from God (sin). Like a Doctor explaining the dire circumstances and evidences of a terminal illness to a dying patient. You don’t have to explain the cure (grace/repentance/faith) very long once they realize they’re terminally ill. By the same token…if a person isn’t fully aware of their desperate condition…you might be able to get them to take the cure out of an appeal to “feel better”, but often they won’t stick with the “regimen” because they never truly understood the dire conditions and necessity for the cure.

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