Lead Labs… Why you should go.

If you’re signed up for our monthly newsletters or check the facebook page with any regularity you’ve no doubt heard about I Am Second Lead Labs.  You probably understand the general idea- learn how to lead an I Am Second small group. 

So what’s the big deal.  There are tons of resources you can access to learn how to be a leader.  What’s the difference?

Here’s the deal: Lead Labs are the the training that turns I Am Second from “cool” to “tool.”  Because they’re so different from your typical Bible study, you really can’t grasp it until you’re a part of one.  And really, not until you’re a part of one that’s being led using the Discuss and Discover model.  This is where a Lead Lab comes in. 

You get to experience exactly what a group should be like- discussion based, Bible focused, and with commitments to change the way you’re living or thinking and to pass on what you’ve learned to someone else.  Once you’ve been a part of one during the Lead Lab, you’ll know exactly what your or your church’s groups need to look like in order to maximize reproducibility.   Read what Tom Bassford, an I Am Second city leader, had to say:

The Lead Lab is an invaluable part of the I am Second effort in a city.  They do a great job of describing the scope of I Am Second and most importantly, demonstrating how churches and individuals can use it as an effective TOOL to share Christ with others.  

You’ll spend about four hours learning the reasons behind the leadership style and how to best help people come to an understanding of Biblical truths by looking at Scripture together.  You’ll find out why it’s vitaly important to make some kind of measurable application during each group meeting and how group members can begin discipling others immediately when they’re sharing what they’ve just learned.  And maybe more importantly, why it’s vital that the group hold itself accountable to its individual commitments.  It really is a revolutionary way of looking at small groups.  Lead Labs are going on all across the country.

Upcoming Lead Labs:

Apr 29-30 in Tyler, TX (time TBD).

May 15 in Charlotte, NC from 3-8pm (dinner included).

May 24 in Nashville, TN (time TBD).

If you have questions, please email us at connect@iamsecond.com.

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