Since the very first I am Second Run you have been asking for one thing: How can we have a run in our city? Well, guess what. It’s easy!

It’s called the “Run Anywhere” option. It’s a simple way to share in the I Am Second run experience with friends and fellow Seconds. The steps are easy.

1. Take out your phone.

2. Text, email, or call your friends.

3.Pick a date and a location.

4. Select a team name. Make sure you get creative. Register your team here and get your custom team page where you can invite others. You’ll also get a shirt and wristband in the mail.

5. Meet up and run.

That’s it! Be sure to snap a few pics and post them to social media using hashtags #ia2runanywhere and #secondrunselfie.

Last year, runners such as Janel, Andy, and Heidi had a blast with the Run Anywhere option.

“The I am Second Run Anywhere in Boston was my first run ever! I saw it as a personal fitness challenge as well as a great way to share I am Second with my city. My best friend ran at my side and encouraged me every step of the way.  We ran together along the Charles River Esplanade, through the beautiful Fall foliage, all decked out in our I am Second gear. Not only did we have great fun together, but we showed our solidarity with Seconds all across the country. We were proud to say that we finished Second.” — Janel from Boston, MA

“I’m a Lieutenant at the Lima Ohio Police Department. With my busy schedule, I wasn’t able to run with my wife and her friend who did the Run Anywhere 5K. I really wanted to run still, so I decided that it would have to be the treadmill for me. I took a lunch break at work and changed into my running gear. I ran a quick 10K on the treadmill and rocked out to some worship music. With the Run Anywhere option I still felt like I was part of the event, even though I couldn’t run with everyone else. I’ll certainly be doing it again this year, but hope to run outside at least!”  –Andy from Lima, Ohio

“I discovered virtual runs were a fun way to stay motivated after the other races were over. So when I saw the I am Second virtual run posted on Facebook, I signed right up! The run was interesting! The day before, we woke up to a mini blizzard. Snow for Halloween isn’t uncommon up here, but this was 4-6 inches of snow, windy, and 10 degrees! On the morning of the run, it was cold and slow because of the ice. Since then, I spent the winter training for my first 10k, and now I’m training for my first half marathon. It’s been an amazing experience. I’m really looking forward to the next I am Second virtual run. It’ll be fun to look back to last year and see how far I’ve come.” —Heidi, Palmer, MI

Whether it’s your first run like Janel or one of many like Heidi, the I am Second’s Run Anywhere is a great way to join your fellow Seconds as they make their stories known to rest of the world. So grab your friends (or go it alone during a lunch break like Andy) and take part wherever you are, whenever you can!

Lace up your running shoes and bring the I am Second Run to your city!

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