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I’m David Martin, and this is my #secondstory:

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Do you have a story like the one in the picture? A story that no longer defines you by what you were or what you’ve done, but by who you are and what you’ve become?

The truth is, whether you’re a rock star, outcast, pro-athlete, doctor, war hero, call girl, misfit or celebrity, everyone has a story that’s being written.

Our stories are like fingerprints; each person has them, but there are no two fingerprints alike. So it is with our stories. They are unique. But at the same time, the idea of story — and telling our stories — is ancient and universal. Before there was written language, people memorized stories. Stories have always been a significant part of our lives, and they still are.

Our stories are like fingerprints; each person has them, but there are no two fingerprints alike. 

While each person’s narrative may have different twists, different plot lines, and a different cast of characters, every person’s story shares universal themes of pain, loss, hopelessness, and failure. Some might even feel ashamed of the story that has unfolded along the way.

But what if there was a way to have a new story, a second story written in your life?

A second story that doesn’t hide the past, but embraces it. A second story of redemption that takes the ashes of our past and turns them into the soil for something beautiful to grow.

How can someone have a second story written for their life?

A second story isn’t created by trying to be a better author or a better person; it’s simply making the choice to give God the pen, and allowing Him to write His story of love, forgiveness, life and freedom.

A second story starts with discovering God’s story. God’s story says, “…God showed how much he loved us by having Jesus die for us, even though we were sinful.”

In spite of our failures or mistakes, Jesus took upon himself the eternal consequences of our actions, so that a second story could be written for us, if we want it.

Every second story begins with someone making the choice to say, “Jesus, I Am Second, you are first.” Do you have a story that begins like that?

If you want a second story, it’s as simple as talking to God, in your own words, and saying that you choose to become second and put Jesus first. Choose the free gift of his love, forgiveness, and a fresh start through the gift of eternal life that Jesus died and came back to life to give you

Once you have a second story, it’s meant to be shared with honesty and transparency. There will always be someone that could benefit from the lessons you’ve learned. Who needs to hear your second story to help inspire them to discover theirs?

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Watch Brian “Head” Welch share his #secondstory.


David Martin is the Youth and Culture Strategist for I Am Second

(Social media: @realDavidMartin)

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