What are Local Expressions. How are they started?

While the I am Second films, materials and community are accessible via the web, there can also be a great local impact when churches,  businesspeople, and other believers join together to bring I am Second events and media to a region.

At present local expressions are found in regions such as: Dallas-Ft.Worth, Kansas City, Tri-State (Evansville), Orlando, and Nashville. There are similar expressions on many college campuses where specific students provide leadership and mentoring of I am Second groups to the campus.

These expressions come about solely from people who express to I am Second an interest of bringing the movement’s  media and filming to their region. Once an interest group is identified, I am Second will meet and counsel the group to broaden its base, raise local funding, and provide leadership and small group training to the region. It will also develop an action plan for producing films and distributing advertising in the region.

Please contact us if you would like know more about bringing the unique advertising and filming to your region.