How are I am Second groups different?

I am Second’s immediate appeal is aesthetic with its slick design, cool website, and inspiring videos. But the real difference is more than skin deep. Below is the heart behind I am Second’s small group materials.

Stories and small. Encourage people to tell their story. Listen to the stories of others. Then discuss stories from the Bible. Keep the group small (between 2 and 8 people) to maximize impact.

Everyone contributes. People learn how to grow by doing these things themselves: a) tell others about Jesus, b) learn the Bible, c) talk with God, d) help and encourage others, and e) endure hard times.

Consider everyone a potential leader. Everyone is viewed as a potential leader, both before and after they trust Christ. Leaders are unpaid and without formal training.

Obedience-based, not just knowledge-focused. A “Live and Tell” commitment is made every time you meet. The Holy Spirit guides people in the life changes they need to make as they do the “Live and Tell” questions.

New groups rather than big groups. As people share with others, they are encouraged to start a new group. Meet in homes or neutral places.

Discuss and discover. The Bible is the focus. We trust the Holy Spirit to help each person discover the meaning of Scripture as the group discusses it. Leading is done through asking questions rather than a lecture.