Can we have an “I am Second” event?

Thanks for your interest in using I am Second in your event.  We appreciate your desire to help spread the movement of Second.

Simply Use Films. If you simply want to show one or more films in a worship service or other event, purchase a DVD of the films you want to use.  No further permission is needed.

Use “I am Second” to Promote Event.  To get permission to host and publicize an I am Second themed event, click here to request permission.  As we review your request, we consider these things:

Will the event clearly communicate the I am Second message of living as Second by putting Jesus First?

Will I am Second films be shown at the event?

Will a speaker or coach from I am Second be invited to participate (as available)?

Will participants be taught how to start and lead I am Second groups?

Will I am Second gear be available to purchase at the event?

I am Second reserves the right to grant or deny permission in its sole discretion.  If we give permission, you will need to sign a letter agreement that we will send you.

Click here to fill out I am Second Request Form.