I want to think

I want to think

“I ran around the room again
I ran outside and ran back in
And I just couldn’t get away from myself
I don’t care what tomorrow brings
I won’t back down for anything
I want to think that I was made for something else”
Bethany Dillon, All That I Can Do

I had a conversation with a friend of mine this weekend that I thought might interest some of you. He said that he was jealous of people that had faith and that he personally wished he could. He said he always defended his friends that were devoutly religious because he knew it was something personal and real to them.


I rarely hear things like that. It reminds me of the scripture that says we should be looking for People of Peace to stay with. We should be looking for people who are seeking to find answers like my friend. Those people are looking for Christ whether they realize it or not. Before I really knew Christ, I remember feeling like Bethany did in that song—wanting to be made for something else. That seems to be the same feeling my friend is having.

So do you know anyone in your life who’s seeking? Have you asked them what their reservations are about different faiths? Have you shared your story with them? A great video to show that person would be Pete Briscoe’s.

Just an encouragement to you to always be on the lookout for people that are looking for answers—


2 thoughts on “I want to think

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  2. Mark at 9:01 pm

    Thanks Shay for the great challenge. I have a friend who has been a source of encouragement. Years before I embraced Christ, he would tell me daily to seek God, pray for guidance. Continue seeking no matter what!

    When I finally saw how hopeless my situation was, how lost without a Savior I would be for Eternity, I put my life in His hands.

    Since then, my friend has distanced himself. “Jesus freaks” are just outside his realm of experience.
    I have shared my story with him, and directed him to the web site. We have discussed several of the “Ia2” videos, and he still wont let go of the world and his deep idol of self sufficiency.

    I have encouraged him to read the Gospel, offered to study with him. He does not see the “Grave” nature of his dilemma. The Enemy’s grip is strong. Pray for my friend, that The Lord will stir his heart.


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