He was ready

He was ready

Hey I’m a youth pastor out in Colorado and just wanted to say thank you and to let you know that you are having a great influence.  I got to lead a student to the Lord just last week at my kitchen table, who had been touched at a service on Sunday by the presence of the Lord and then during the week saw your commercial and checked out your website.  By Thursday he was ready to know the Lord.  He’s the kind of kid that people thought couldn’t be reached but you had a part to play, when he came to me he was already ready to receive the Lord.

Thanks again and God bless


I loved this story and thought you could join me in praying for the newly-transformed life! Do you personally have a plan if someone came to you and asked you how to make Christ part of their life? Do you know where to send them? Have you thought about starting an I am Second group?

Learn how to tell your story or how to start a group here: https://iamsecond.com/getinvolved/GroupTools.html

If you have any questions, or want more information, let us know! info@iamsecond.com


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