Get back to Jesus

I’m writing to you from Baton Rouge this evening. I came to the 220 conference at the Bethany World Prayer Center to do some research with a guy named Ben from A&M. I heard a sermon this evening that got my heart pumping for Christ. The message was simple: He is enough. The point was not to use God as a supplement in our lives, but rather to view Him as the only thing we really need—to change the thought from “My life is better now that I’ve added Christ to my weekly routine” to “My life is now about Christ.” On another side of that, we should make sure that we don’t get so caught up in the ministry we’re trying to do, that we lose site of the fact that He is the point of it all.

He’s all we need. Just get back to Jesus. He’s all that matters.

It’s simple. But it works.


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