Fort Worth Goes Second

Local Fort Worth youth pastor, Craig, trains and mobilizes his student to tell their story and start Second groups in their schools using I am Second films and small group materials. Several groups start almost immediately. Within 6 months, 20 students had started Second groups in 15 different schools and were seeing lives changed right before their eyes. This is Craig’s story…

“Lucas began a group at [his local] high school with some of his basketball team that met at his friends house before practice. The group had met two or three times and the kids began to find accountability and support from the Lord and each other.  But one day the father of the boy who lived in the house sat in on the meeting.  It was that Sunday for the first time in 15 years that family went to church as a result of the testimony of the group.

“Hannah (a HS junior) began a group at [her] high school. She is the only student from our church that attends this school so she was on an island.  That did not stop her. She advertised, promoted and got the word out about her group.  The first time she met (last Monday) she had over 40 students show up.  They divided by grades and she appointed leaders to each group to ask the questions. All of a sudden multiple groups were started.

“All this to say that God is good and we are excited about where God is going to take us.”


“I wanted to give you an update on our youth group.  As of this last week we have over 20 students beginning groups in their schools.  We have 15 different schools represented.  The impact on our kids has been amazing. They are really beginning to own their faith.  I can not thank I AM SECOND enough for all that you all do.”

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