Day 9: When “it” isn’t enough

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Day 9 by Chad Rigney

“It is not what we do but whom we trust that makes all the difference” –Live Second, 11.

We like to think we have “it” in us. If only we had more time to work on “it” we’d be doin’ alright. We believe all “it” it takes is more time, more practice, more intentionality and “it” will begin to shine more brightly. We know “it” exists because we see “it” all around us. We experience “it” everyday we walk this earth.

What if I told you “it” wasn’t enough? By “it” I mean, what we believe as good. We all think we can do better and that we have what it takes to measure up. Whether if it’s to be a better husband/wife, raising children, or being a better person, we believe we have “it” in us to do these things better. The problem is that “it” isn’t good enough.

Our definition of goodness needs to change. The Bible says that we as humans, when given a choice between life through obedience and death through disobedience, will disobey (Rom 3:23). We see this in the first humans; Adam and Eve. They were given a choice. Adam chose selfishly and rejected what God had commanded. And we are no better. We chose selfishly too. The result of disobedience is death. It’s not that God desires this for us, it’s that his goodness and righteousness requires it. And all it takes is one mistake.

I don’t consider myself a big germaphobe but if I have a large class of Coke and someone spits in my cup, game over! There’s no way I’ll drink it. Doesn’t matter how little the spit may be. The drink is now ruined. Even though the germs may be small in comparison to the 32oz drink, it’s contaminated nonetheless. And there is no way of turning it back. The same is true with our sin. We’ve all been infected with the sin curse and there’s nothing we can do to remove it.

Enter Jesus.

Jesus is “it.” He fixes “it.”

The truth is that we can’t do “it”, but the good news is that Jesus DID “it.” The first step in living a life of second is to recognize that Jesus is “it.” He’s only “it.” I will not be able to do “it” without Him.

I won’t be able to have “it” until I recognize that my “it” isn’t enough. I can’t change “it.” I need Jesus to change “it” for me. And so do you.

Live second.

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