What are you waiting for?

How many times have I come to a point in my life where I just stopped? How often after learning something do I actually put it to use? I remember being in high school, particularly in physics. We would spend sections of class learning about formulas and facts, and within a few days, do a lab or a process that allowed us to not only solidify the knowledge, but also see its application in the real world. Earlier this week while at work, my boss and I had a casual conversation and we talked about not letting the stuff we learn in training, or school, or life in general to just go to waste. More importantly, we talked not only about simply using what we learn, but making good use of it. I’ve come to appreciate good conversations, because fairly often, they are a catalyst for great things.

What has occurred to me, in the remainder of this week, is that not only had I not set a direction for my skills and studies, but I haven’t been using them to their potential in the meantime. I have been waiting for some theorized completion, overlooking the fact that God doesn’t wait for us to become complete before He uses us, He makes us complete. Now what I don’t want to say is that we should all just stop learning, and start doing, but what I will say is that with learning, there must be doing. Just like back in high school physics, we learned just enough to be able to do something properly, then we applied it, tried it, and moved on to the next thing that was set in front of us. Life is the same way. Little children don’t learn about crawling, walking, running before taking a first step. It’s a progression, learn-apply, learn-apply. Why should we think our spiritual lives any different. What makes us think that when it comes to our relationship with God, that we must first learn how to run before we even take one step?

It is time for a change. It is time to take the metaphorical first step. Most importantly, it is time to stop sitting back, and time to start doing. For those of you who have been waiting to complete your learning before you begin doing what God is calling you to do, take the first step. For those of you who truly don’t struggle with that, be gracious and encouraging to those around you that do. Find ways to help one another not only discover what God has in store, but help one another find ways to use the gifts, knowledge, and experience God has given each of us.

-Patrick, I am Second intern

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