Tom’s story

A guy named Tom sent this to us after seeing everyone posting on the Facebook fanpage.

“Seems like everyone commenting here is so young which is encouraging, but I thought I’d throw in something from an old guy. I turned my back on the Lord at age 17 because of the shortcomings of a couple of people in my church back then and also it seemed to me that everything that was fun was a sin. I walked my prideful and arrogant life for 43 years with my back towards God and became an alcoholic in the process. Now thanks to the prayers of my daughters and some very good friends, I’ve have come back to the Lord, kicked the booze and am happier than I ever remember being in my whole life. My biggest regret is maybe not having enough time left in this life to show God how truly grateful I am for his blessings and his grace. It’s never too late to turn to God.”

That’s all J


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