This is what it’s all about!

Here is a recent post from the I am Second Facebook page. It only takes a wristband to help change someone’s life.

I have to share this! Today after work two guys who I have grown to know asked me to the bar for some drinks, now I am not a drinker but I said why not I could use a good soda! We were there sitting relaxing after our 10hr day and one of the guys has his girlfriend come join us. She sees my I Am Second band and asked me about it. I say I wear it as a constant reminder to know that no matter how I feel someone will always love me and that one man can make a difference to show people this world only has to much to offer. Basically to keep me in line- lol. BUT!!!! 5 hours later I am preaching my life with the gospel and helping three people reach Christ, the couple are coming to church this Sunday, the other guy asked for forgiveness and is allowing me help him. 5 hours of sharing my love for Jesus and helping people who were in a world of darkness see the light in Christ….all from a wrist band, so blessed for the chance to spread God’s word and so thankful.

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