They’ll know where to turn

I have the joy of getting to read the testimonies that come in to I am Second on a daily basis. I’m always amazed at the way that each story brings to light a new truth or something worth thinking through.

One particular story submitted by a guy named Ray was particularly intriguing because it falls perfectly in line with the things I’ve been talking about over the past few posts: sharing with your friends. Read part of his story:

“I had all these great plans on going to culinary school to become a great chef, but on July 12, 1999 as my truck spun out of control on the way to work I thought my life was over. What seemed like forever it was all over in seconds I came out untouched, WOW! As I stood in a field I called my Dad, told him to come and get me, waiting for the police and ambulance to show up I said to myself there has to be more to life than what I have made it out to be the last three years…

The day of my crash, believe it or not, my truck was still drivable and I told my dad that I wanted to go to work anyway. A bit bruised and shaken I had to be around people that day. That day my Jesus Freak buddy Ben was working and after a few hours of pondering that there had to be more to life than getting drunk and high every weekend maybe it was this Jesus dude, maybe there is a God. It took me a couple of more hours to get enough nerves to approach Ben, I asked him you know that church you are always talking about and inviting me too is it possible that I am still invited, I asked. With the biggest smile I have ever seen and to my amazement Ben said absolutely. It was then that an over whelming excitement came over me and I knew then that maybe there is a God, a higher power, a purpose in life, maybe Ben is authentic living out God’s word.”

It’s good when people know what we’re about. We obviously don’t have to be obnoxious or over-bearing, but we should stand firm. That way, when someone wants to know more, he or she will know to come to you. I’m interested in getting some discussion around this topic as well. What do you think are some good ways to let people know what you’re about (being second)? (Try to take out the Christian-ese) Where do you start if someone is suddenly interested?

Let’s hear it. J


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