There’s a new I Am Second app!

“New year, new me.” It seems like everyone is saying it… And so are we.


We launched our I Am Second app in the summer of 2015. It was a great start, allowing you access to exciting new content, films, and a talk section that allowed you to get real and raw. You could even sign up for a host of new challenges. That was great, but the moment we launched the app we never stopped dreaming and thinking about what else it could become.

So guess what: We’ve upgraded that experience to a whole new level.

Based on your suggestions and feedback, we’ve improved a few things, and we’re really excited about it.

For years you’ve wanted a way to share your story. Now there’s an exciting way to do that. We have built an interactive, shareable tool that puts you in the white chair! It’s called the second story generator. Just tap “Second Stories” in the menu and share who were when you lived first, and who you are now that you are living second.


BAM. Your second story in one awesome picture. Plus, we’ve made it super easy for you to share this story on social media, in an email, or via text to your friends and family.

my second story

We’ve also added Second groups.  With groups, you can get together with friends, family, or people at work and take a deeper dive into some of our most popular films. There are three different story sets that will challenge your way of life.  You can join a group with a group code or even start your

Go to the I Am Second app in the app store, get the update, and share your #secondstory today!

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