The Shanes

The Shanes

I’m not here to promote bands or anything, but during my morning routine, I was listening to Shane&Shane on random. As I’m sitting there putting on my make-up (don’t tell anyone I wear it, okay?) and complaining to myself about how much I need sleep, I hear “Arise! And awaken. He is King!” in other words “Shay wake up! You get to serve the Lord today!” After that, a string of songs played, each hitting me a little bit harder with this idea of truly being second. It was a reminder that you can do all of the churchy stuff you want, but if your heart is not putting Christ first, what’s the point? I want to share these with you.

“Less of me is more of Jesus.”

“Teach me to number my days
At the most 80 years
Who cares about meaningless things?

I do and I care about art too and I care about yahoo*
Things that are fleeting and
Fading away

Awaken my soul
Awaken my soul”

“Make me the breath of God, and I’ll show them the one that means the most to me.”

“We’ve come to declare the beauty of the Lord.”

I don’t know about you, but I’ve got a hobby that I am passionate about. Don’t laugh at me, but I love to swing dance. You can catch me out several nights a week dancing the night away with my crew. When I’m not around it, I talk about it. I try to encourage others to come try it out because I’m thoroughly convinced it will make their life better. It’s so much fun. But wait. Less of me? Is this a meaningless thing? This last quote is the part that gets me, “I’ll show them the One that means the most to me.” I’m quick to tell people about the hobby that I adore, but Christ should is the One that means the most to me. So why don’t I share Him that way?

Sara Groves has a song called Conversations. It’s about her talking to someone who isn’t a believer. She says: “We’ve had every conversation in the world about what is right and what has all gone bad, but have I mentioned to you that this is all I am, this is all that I have.” It seems crazy that w can be so crazy about our God, but aren’t willing to share it. But if He really is all that we have, shouldn’t we share Him that way? I know I’m guilty of this. I love telling people about Jesus, but I share Him as a cool thing that they should check out, like swing dancing.

My challenge to you is to act like your days are numbered, and talk about Christ like He is all that you have. (Because they are—and He is.) Share your passion for Christ with someone today!

I’m humbled this morning by this slew of messages from the Lord. I just thought I’d share my heart with you.

-Shay J

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