The Not-So-Secret Life of Bees

In founding and owning DFW-based North Dallas Honey Company, Nathan Sheets has learned through the years the benefits of regularly eating local raw honey, including the strong possibility that it helps fight off seasonal allergies and boost the immune system. According to Sheets, local raw honey contains local pollen that, when consumed daily, can help prevent seasonal allergies and expensive trips to the doctor or pharmacy. This applies for both children and adults and can greatly reduce family medical expenses during this difficult economy.

Sheets has also become an expert in the SWARM theory of mobilizing with others, similar to the way bees operate in hives, to produce results. Sheets now has applied the SWARM Theory to his newest project, “I am Second,” a series of billboard, kiosks, TV and radio ads in the DFW- area that have swept the world via the Internet.

“I am Second” is a multimedia campaign designed to help people discover their purpose in life through Jesus. Celebrities, athletes and every day people share their personal stories of struggle, transformation and restoration on the Web site. Site visitors are empowered to interact 24/7 and connect with local churches. “I am Second” is a project of Dallas-based e3 Partners Ministry, Inc.

Topics he considers include:

  • How to use local raw honey to help prevent seasonal allergies this spring to save money and avoid costly doctor’s visits and over-the-counter medications.
  • What is the SWARM theory?
  • How does the SWARM theory work to help individuals and organizations during this difficult economy?
  • What is I am Second and how has the SWARM theory helped to make it such a viral phenomenon?

Visit for more information about I am Second and to learn more about North Dallas Honey Company.

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